Friday 7 June 2013

Here are a few photos of past items we inherited with the Flat Singles Banner. Our recent prints Living with Great Apes and At The Dominion House are included but most of the snaps are from Toronto & Vancouver incarnations of the press:  
The pinkish chap is Phil's Writer's Guide to Restaurants (1982). Below it on the right is the most recent chap and a few of broadsides including the first ever flat single Man (1977).

<----- an 'Aud' ephemera poem (Mar. 2013) 

            Broadsides Old & New 1977-2013

 There is some beautiful artwork in this chapbook by Andrew Vaisius & I love the Sabbath Poems broadside guys... 
The bottom left cover for George Xuereb's Sharing Not Flaunting (1982) is perhaps my favourite in the old catalogue. I like the pensive photocopy. I wonder who he was and what he's thinking.

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