Tuesday 5 January 2016



     never a how or why
           by Pearl Pirie

        Rumi said, The china doll in us, at some point, will no longer break. 
        presumably, we will be powder for the horn to make magical healing,
        placebo dust for every which wind-up. because us being crushed
        will make everything all better, yeh? were Rumi’s shoulders the first 
        to load that hooey brick, or some well-intentioned translator? 

        monologues ignore their audiences. do you feel ignored? sit, have a tea.
        I’m thinking of you and trying to be risqué . I suspect you of making
        sow-ear purses by night from all those pigs your parents killed
        and blamed you for. because children’s tears look like a satire
        of parent’s own grief and by cutting themselves thru you, release.

        within all the pain that they called virtue, you learned well 
        the language of the crib. and because you walked with it, think  
        it’s good company. nobody really cares so go ahead, entertain 
        yourself. but ask nothing of me. Noguchi or Pound. which are you? 
        a what-knot of knowledge: this book is copiously researched. up for it?

        Pearl Pirie | Ottawa  ON | 2016

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