Friday, 29 January 2016


Dream father
Ellie Hastings

In my nightmare my father
is holding me
down. I am stuck
for air, he is spitting in my face.
I don’t know what
I did – broke a cup,
forgot to vacuum,
fell asleep
in the wrong place.

You wake me
from my fit
and I am unhinged
by my illusion. I know
this is really a memory, but
you are holding me together
in your arms
and I know I have returned
to safety. I know I can sleep again.

In the morning
when you ask me what happened
in my dream,
I don’t want to tell you.
I know you will imagine your kindness
as hurt. You will turn your love
into a monster. You will think
your hold is the same
as the nightmare’s. And I am afraid
that you won’t believe
your love is saving.

Ellie Hastings | Windsor |  2016

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